We had the priviledge of having Melissa represent our company in a case and we were so impressed at her honesty and integrity in every situation and dealing. She has the ability to maintain consistency when in trial and does not waiver. She relates to a jury in a positive manner and communicates clearly. She is reliable and dependable, meeting all her court dates and timeframes. Melissa is professional and articulate while maintaining respect to all those she dealt with and we would highly recommend her.


Melissa stands out in a sea of attorneys because her good character allows her to stand out head and shoulders above her competition. You would be wise to consult with Melissa.


-   Land Care Inc., slip and fall case




Melissa Alessi represented me for for an auto accident. Melissa is not only thorough, but she is an excellent communicator. Melissa would always let me know the status of my case whenever there was a paper filed from the other side or any movement with the case. Before I could ask a question, she usually had the answer.


Melissa did not put up with any unprofessionalism from the other side and would make sure they knew where she stood every step of the way.


Melissa is a true professional and an attorney that was a pleasure to work with. When you put thorough, professional, communicative, and a no non-sense approach in a sentence describing a good attorney, you describe Melissa Alessi.


- John D., car accident case




I had a great experience working with Melissa. I was in a collision in 2008 and Melissa was my attorney for the case. Melissa did her due diligence and was prepared at every turn that was taken in my case. Melissa handled herself in a professional manner and prepared me for every step - deposition and mediation. I would work with Melissa again and recommend her highly.


-   Jenn L., car accident case




Melissa is a great attorney. She listened attentively to my needs and was very responsive to all of my questions. Melissa provided me with my documents in a timely manner and explained what everything meant. I would use Melissa for all my legal needs.


- Jon S., estate planning




Melissa was very helpful in my lawsuit. She kept me informed of every decision that was made. I would recommend her office to everyone.

-   Carla G., car accident case