It is difficult to think about your own death, but it is important to think about what will happen to your loved ones and to your property after you have died. Have you considered what would happen if you became unable to make and communicate health decisions for yourself? Estate planning, which is the legal term for this area of law, can ensure that your wishes are properly carried out. Alessi Law will listen to what you want and prepare the necessary documentation to make sure that your affairs are handled in accordance with Nevada law. Alessi Law is here to give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are cared for.


Estate planning documents mainly include wills, trusts, advanced health directives, living wills, and powers of attorney.



Wills are a way to make sure your final wishes are carried out. A Will names an executor who will make sure the terms of your Will are followed. Your Will can also name guardians for your children and your plans for distribution of your property.



There are many different types of trusts. Often, a trust is the best option to avoid the probate process, which is when the court distributes your property when you die. The most common type of trust is a Living Trust that covers what happens to you and your property during your lifetime, what happens to you and your property if you become mentally incapacitated, and what happens after you die.


It is important to review your estate plan. A helpful tool to remember when to review your estate plan is when any of the "5 Ds" happens:


    - Decade, every decade

    - Divorce

    - Death of a family member or friend

    - Diagnosis, if you receive a new medical diagnosis

    - Decline in health


Living Will / Healthcare Directive / Advanced Directive

There are many names for the legal document that is used to make your wishes regarding life prolonging medical treatments known to others. The document to let your healthcare providers and your family know the medical treatment you want if you are not able to speak for yourself can be called a living will, healtcare directive, and advanced directive. Ms. Alessi can help you draft this document and can also help you deposit it with the Nevada Secretary of State's Living Will Lockbox. The Living Will Lockbox is a secure way to ensure that your Living Will can be accessed by your doctors and authorized people whenever it might be needed - any day, any time.


Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a way for you to give another person or persons control over your health care and/or finances. With a Power of Attorney, the person you designate can have the ability to enter into contracts, conduct business, and make medical decisions for you. A Power of Attorney can be used when you are not able to speak for yourself, when you do not have the mental ability to make decisions, or if you will be out of the country for any amount of time.


Contact Alessi Law, for a free initial consultation, to determine what types of wills or trusts are best for your or to review the estate plan you already have.