Alessi Law will handle your family law matters with care and compassion these sensitive, difficult situations require. When you face the challenges of an Adoption, Divorce, or Child Custody & Visitation case, Alessi Law will help you achieve the favorable result you seek with the consideration and respect you deserve.



Adoptions can be a joyous time of expanding your family, but it is very important that all the details are properly managed. If you are considering step-parent adoptions, out of family adoptions, or same parent adoptions, Alessi Law is here to help you navigate the process. You can depend on Alessi Law to assist you throughout the length of your adoption journey.



When spouses are considering divorce, the experience is often filled with immense conflict and emotional pain. If you are considering divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you should talk to Alessi Law, with guidance from an experienced lawyer, you can be sure that your divorce is legal. Alessi Law will work with you to have the divorce proceedings completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


A Nevada divorce can result from the following situations: incompatibility, separation for one year or longer without cohabitation, or insanity existing for two years prior to the divorce action. You can obtain a Nevada divorce If you have lived in Nevada for at least 6 weeks.


Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation is the most important and difficult part of a divorce. Custody can take on different forms. Physical custody deals with the amount of time the child or children spend with parents and/or caregivers. Legal custody is the ability to make medical, educational, religious and other decisions about the child or children. Ms. Alessi will ensure that your child's best interests are protected.


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